Collateral, Materials and Ads

Hat designed to represent the various aspects of SRP. Design had to include electric and water graphics.

Complimentary promotional CD's for the P.F. Chang Marathon.

Dye-cut, self-mailer, brochure, informing employees and retirees about the new website about their benefits.

SRP Programs and Services catalog. A dye-cut, color tabbed booklet designed to inform customers of the various programs SRP offers.

Magazine layout to promote an artist's work.

T-shirt design for conference.

Insert to promote newspaper subscriptions.

Ad to promote the circus in the classifieds.

Ad to promote Hilton Garden in in the classifieds.

Poster to promote company party.

Bill Insert advertising a special at the Challenger Space Center.

Time is money ad.

Route Your Way To Making Extra Money ad.

Award Winning - Shade Screen Fan

Packaging Design, BGSU Design Show Award


Miscellaneous projects and designs for current and previous employers.


SRP, East Valley Tribune and Freelance Clients